Medical Marketing Case Study | TruDenta

TruDenta Medical Marketing Case Study

Medical Practice Goal/Situation

TruDenta tasked CarbonFoot Medical with creating a new website and branding to kick off their first patient-focused outreach efforts. TruDenta makes a comprehensive treatment and training system that enables dentists to better treat patients with jaw-related temporomandibular joint (TMJ) imbalances. TruDenta’s existing website and previous marketing efforts were entirely B2B focused, with dental providers as the primary focus. To complement these efforts, CarbonFoot’s goal was to create an entirely new B2C awareness campaign that was more patient-oriented.

What We Did

CarbonFoot medical provided a complete website redesign, accompanied by a refocused social media presence, medical search engine marketing optimization, and targeted advertising to raise awareness.

Mobile-Optimized Website Redesign
The new website was designed from the ground up for better user experience and adaptive mobile responsiveness across all devices. The new site leveraged the Hubspot inbound marketing platform to dynamically provide valuable content to different patients based on their different interests. The website was populated with new content that translated technical jargon into friendlier patient-readable versions, and was optimized to rank higher in search engines.

Social Media Awareness & Advertising
TruDenta’s social media presence was updated and expanded to increase traffic across all properties. Facebook ads campaigns using demographic and behavioral research were carefully targeted at interested users, and key learnings were tracked to rapidly improve campaign cost effectiveness. Google Adwords campaigns were launched, delivering excellent return on investment for patient referrals.