Medical Marketing Case Study | Atlanta Fertility Clinic Success Story

Medical Practice Goal/Situation

Mobile compatibility of a website is critical.  When Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine (ACRM) approached CarbonFoot Medical for a site redesign, a dive into Google Analytics showed nearly 50% of visitors were accessing their existing site from a mobile device – hence, a responsive website design was critical.   Also, additional marketing firepower in a competitive fertility practice market was needed to rise above the online ‘fray’.

What We Did

With the competitive fertility space in Georgia and especially Atlanta, an updated search engine optimized, mobile/responsive website was developed.  Extensive competitive research and an organic keyword review was completed before beginning the project.  What are the Georgia and Atlanta-specific fertility doctors, treatment and testing search terms mostly likely to convert to patients? We built the site around that strategy.

ACRM wanted an esthetically clean and welcoming site with calming visuals. There had to be easy access to main services direct from the homepage.  Calendar, event registration, appointment scheduling and ‘Ask a Fertility Expert’ contact points were incorporated to make it easy for patients to connect to the medical practice.

Medical Marketing Case Study | ACRM

CarbonFoot Impact:

ACRM’s new Marietta fertility clinic is busy and bustling with patients.  CarbonFoot  detailed monthly medical marketing reports identifying key ad channels that were both costly (and hence, cancelled) and low-cost per referral channels where marketing budget funding was redirected.  Our goal is always to deliver a management dashboard for practice managers that takes the guesswork out of which channels perform the best (and worst).  Testing is key to any successful marketing strategy and the winners and losers continue to be vetted out.   Cost Per Referrals (CPR) dropped by 35% and seminar registrations increased 1,200%.