3 Key Website Improvements to Grow Your Business

Medical Website Design TipsTime to face the facts; your website is your patient’s first glimpse of you and your medical practice. Before they even step foot into your office, they have already developed an impression of your team, your services and your approach to care.

So don’t lose prospective patients due to a lackluster website! Follow these three website improvements to ensure their impression is a good one.



1). Speed it UP! Get your website pages to load faster not only helps improve users’ experience (no one likes waiting for a slow page to load) but it also helps your search engine rankings. Google has recently factored in load time of website when deciding who ranks on page one of their search engine. A speedy site also reduces the cost of advertising. Faster sites generally have a lower cost per click (CPC) for paid search campaigns. One great way to Speed up your site by testing it using the PageSpeed Insights tool in Google Analytics.

2). ‘Mobilize’ Your Site Make sure your business information is optimized for different types of web browsers-laptop, tablet, and mobile devices. Each year more and more of the web is being consumed on mobile and tablet devices. Catch the wave of mobile users by presenting them great content for their device. The best way to do this is with a “Responsive” design website. The trend in website development has been to produce one website that can scale up and down to fit the screen size a user has – thus making it “responsive.” This is the recommend method by Google. The industry has been moving away from creating separate website for desktop and mobile.

3). Be a Social Butterfly Using social media for medical marketing may seem overwhelming and time-consuming, but if you’re not Liking, Tweeting, or Pinning, you’re missing out on the opportunity to not only gain new patients, but also maintain current or past ones. All social media properties (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.) should be optimized to expand your reach, raise brand awareness, grow your digital presence and increase your patient leads. Once you have built out your social media accounts, incorporate them into your website. Pull your Twitter feed onto your Homepage, make sure there are links to your social accounts, and use similar design and graphics from your website on all social properties to create a distinct brand image.

We believe that a strong website builds a strong online presence, which generates patient referrals and grows your business. Let us work on improving your website so you can focus on what you do best– treating patients. Learn about the different types of medical marketing services we offer and start improving your online presence today.

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