5 Medical Advertising Mistakes Not To Make

5 Advertising Mistakes NOT to make

5 Medical Advertising Mistakes Not To Make

Digital advertising is an ever changing and growing field. Medical practices have to react the latest trends in order to best reach their potential patients. Is your practice keeping up with the latest medical marketing trends? How can you better optimize your digital campaigns for patient leads? Check out these 5 medical advertising mistakes not to make with your medical practice.

1) Running Ad Campaigns When The Office Is Closed

You may not want to run ads during the times when your office is closed because those ads will generate calls that can’t be properly serviced through your phone mail system.

2) Not Checking Impression Share of Voice

Share of voice is a metric used within the advertising industry to see how frequently searchers are being served your advertisements. Through the search or the display network, you can check to see what share of voices is. You can then determine whether or not your ads are saturating the market with your advertisements or if there’s opportunity to expand the share of your voice.

3) Not Targeting By Location

There’s no sense in wasting marketing dollars by targeting the broad patient leads in the wrong location where you can’t reach them. You can improve marketing ROI by fine tuning location targeting for your Ads.

4) Not Call Tracking

We found that when looking at conversions for patient referrals from online sources that upwards of 75% of online patient referrals conversions come from phone call versus forms submitted online. Your practice may be missing a big data set on which keywords drive the most patients referrals by only focusing on keywords that drive people to complete form versus to pick up a phone.

5) Not Using Medical Practice Ad Groups

It’s important to include competitor branded terms as long as the competitor brand name doesn’t appear within the text ad.If a competitor’s brand name is trademarked, your ads can be marked in violation of Google Adwords terms and conditions if the competitor name appears in the ad.

For example:


However, you can still bid on the competitor term without having an ad that uses the competitor name.

Your medical practice should also have an ad group dedicated to its own brand name so that you’re capturing search queries that are directly searching for it. We find that the cost per referral for brand name ad groups often are the best performing ad groups for AdWords campaign.

Making Corrections

Getting the patient lead results you want out of digital advertising campaigns takes time and effort to achieve. Looking for help with your medical practice’s own digital campaigns? Let CarbonFoot Medical help kickstart your campaign today.

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