A Healthcare Marketing Success Story: Connecticut Dermatology Group

Physician Marketing

A Physician Marketing Success Story: Connecticut Dermatology Group

Connecticut Dermatology Group (CDG), is the largest dermatology practice in Fairfield County, CT with 3 locations throughout the state and 10 providers on staff with a wide range of specializations within the dermatology field. CDG has been working with CarbonFoot Medical for the past 8 months to help revitalize their marketing strategies and bring a new dynamic to their marketing efforts for generating new patient leads and reducing the cost of patient referrals.

Website Redesign

CDG celebrated the launch of their refreshed site this month.

To meet the growing demand for a friendlier user experience, CDG worked with CarbonFoot Medical for a complete redesign of their existing Drupal site with a migration to a more advanced content management system, more mobile-friendly responsive design and functionality, and integration into a marketing automation platform known as Hubspot.

CDG’s main concerns were to make sure that the website was easy for patients to use and that the site provided all of the information a patient could want or need. With this in mind, a unique service page design was created for each treatment CDG offers, from medical to cosmetic. Each page is personalized for the treatment, from featured providers that specialize in that treatment to their own before and after images.

In collaboration with CDG’s practice development team, a unique patient-centric design was created to fit their patient’s needs for dermatology services and treatment options. The new marketing automation platform allows CDG to provide visitors with a more intuitive user interface, easier access to content and improved search options for visitors. Along with a more personalized, clean and fresh modern design, patients are able to learn about upcoming events and product of the month specials directly from the homepage.

Interior page of CDG's new site.

Interior page of CDG’s new site.

In addition to a refreshed website, CarbonFoot Medical launched CDG’s blog, Dermatology Today, to act as a resource for potential and existing patients. The blog allows the providers to explore dermatological treatments and services in more detail.


CDG’s Dermatology Today Blog

Body Sculpting Center Grand Opening

On October 7th, 2015, Connecticut Dermatology Group celebrated the opening of the new Body Sculpting Center at their Norwalk location. The Body Sculpting Center is a state-of-the-art expansion to their current Norwalk office, focusing on exclusive cosmetic and body sculpting treatments, like Cellfina, Kybella, CoolSculpting and more.

CarbonFoot Medical in partnership with Connecticut Dermatology Group and Serendipity Magazine organized and promoted the grand event from the ground up. To meet and surpass client expectations, CarbonFoot Medical developed a comprehensive public relations and digital marketing campaign to raise awareness for the event and to capture new patient leads. In order to achieve success, CarbonFoot Medical implemented medical SEM (paid search advertising and search engine optimization), social media promotion, and public relations outreach with key influencers within the beauty and cosmetic industry. Over 300 guests attended the event to learn more about the new services provided by CDG and to meet medical providers.

ct derm team

Connecticut Dermatology Group Physician Team

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