Medical Marketing

Three Trends in Facebook Advertising For Medical Practices

Is your medical practice staying on top of the latest Facebook advertising trends? Facebook and technology is constantly evolving and this directly affects how medical practices advertise to patients. If your practice is not staying up to date on the latest advertising trends, you’re most likely losing out on potential new patients. We have three+

Medical Marketing

Four Useless Things To Cut From Your Medical Marketing Strategy

Four Useless Things To Cut From Your Medical Marketing Strategy The fast-paced world of digital marketing and technology is constantly evolving.  We have far more options, tools, and resources to be better marketers than ever before. However, with technological advancements rapidly increasing, it seems like every week there’s something new to grasp hold of, otherwise+

Medical Social Media Mistakes

Four Medical Social Media Mistakes Not To Make

Social Media is one of the best ways to promote your medical practice. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube (and so many more!) are great platforms you can build on to gain new patients. Medical Practice Social Media Marketing can be utilized to connect organically with current patients and potential patients, advertise events and increase referrals,+

google partners event Medical Marketing insights for 2015

Google Partners Event: Medical Marketing Insights for 2015

CarbonFoot Medical is proud to announce that it will be hosting its second Google Partners Event on increasing patient referrals through medical marketing for medical practices in 2015. Doctor Offices Get Smarter Using Inbound Marketing to Attract Patients Google Provides Insights to Patient-Centric Medical Marketing in 2015 The online behavior of consumers seeking health information continues+

5 Reasons To Use An Agency For Medical Practice Marketing

Why Should You Outsource Marketing Your Medical Practice 1. It’s What Successful Medical Practices Do A recent study by Bain & Company found that only 1 in 10 businesses achieved sustained, profitable growth. What makes this top tenth successful? The results showed that 85% of the companies that sustain profitable growth outsourced aspects of their business+

Holiday Season

Snagging a new PC this Holiday Season? Backup Your Email First!!

The holiday season is here! Along with that comes Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Your excitement builds as you unwrap your new laptop, tablet, desktop etc from the retail “computer-fest”. You scored a great deal that you never imagined was possible and now you’re set to see your new killer HD computer snap to life.+

How To Use A Medical Landing Page To Generate More Patients

Build A Better Landing Page For Your Medical Practice Website 98% of website visitors never come back! That is a lot of lost website traffic! Getting someone to stay on one webpage for longer than a few seconds has become increasingly difficult over time. It is important that your medical practice website includes landing pages,+

Google Partners Event

CarbonFoot Medical to Host Google Partners Event

Join us for Google Partners Connect We’re hosting an exclusive Google event on May 21st, and you’re invited to join us. It’s a great opportunity to learn from Google experts about how to grow your business. CarbonFoot Medical will review the medical marketing programs during Q&A that have worked best for patient referrals. We’ll provide+

Pinterest for Medical Practices: 10 Tips for Search Engine Optimization

Pinterest for Medical Practices: 10 Tips for Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing is growing for businesses, and especially medical practices. Pinterest is a great way to visually connect with your patients and relate to them through the lifestyle of your medical practice.  Check out these ten tips that will help lower your cost per+

Reputation Management For Medical Practices

5 Tips for Online Reputation Management

5 Tips for Online Reputation Management for Your Medical Practice Online reviews of physicians have increased in popularity. Many sites are now allowing patients and former patients to rate doctors in a similar way to how people rate a restaurant.  Follow these tips to ensure you are maintaining a positive reputation online! Don’t ignore reviews+