Physician Marketing Event NYC

Physician Marketing Highlights | 2016

As medical practices finalize 2016 marketing budgets, a key question is how should dollars be spent to drive cost-effective patient referrals. Based on trending data from MM&M/Ogilvy CommonHealth Healthcare Marketers Trend Report 2014 (2015 report not out yet!),  digital channels will overtake traditional channels.  So, medical practices need to hammer out their marketing plans accordingly.  Unless traditional (radio,+

How To Use A Medical Landing Page To Generate More Patients

Build A Better Landing Page For Your Medical Practice Website 98% of website visitors never come back! That is a lot of lost website traffic! Getting someone to stay on one webpage for longer than a few seconds has become increasingly difficult over time. It is important that your medical practice website includes landing pages,+

Google Partners Event

CarbonFoot Medical to Host Google Partners Event

Join us for Google Partners Connect We’re hosting an exclusive Google event on May 21st, and you’re invited to join us. It’s a great opportunity to learn from Google experts about how to grow your business. CarbonFoot Medical will review the medical marketing programs during Q&A that have worked best for patient referrals. We’ll provide+

3 Key Website Improvements to Grow Your Business

Time to face the facts; your website is your patient’s first glimpse of you and your medical practice. Before they even step foot into your office, they have already developed an impression of your team, your services and your approach to care. So don’t lose prospective patients due to a lackluster website! Follow these three+