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Reputation Management Tips For Your Medical Practice

Reputation Management Tips For Your Medical Practice In a recent study published in Search Engine Land, 88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So if everyone else is talking about your practice, why aren’t you? The Internet can be a scary place for medical practices. Anyone can be saying anything at any time about+

Reputation Management: 3 Tips for Responding To Negative Doctor Reviews

  Physicians and medical professionals alike are facing the harsh reality of the growing patient use of online review giants like Yelp, HealthGrades, Vitals, Google and more to give and get unbiased information about how physicians and medical practice are really like. Your reputation is your most important asset. Potential patients are researching your practice before+

Medical Reputation Management: Review Sites You Should Be Monitoring

  Top Medical Review Sites Medical Reputation Management is crucial for expanding your medical practice and acquiring new patients leads. Many of your potential patients are reading and researching your practice before they even step through your door or pick up the phone. Your previous patients are leaving reviews which can leave an profound impact on+

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Physician Marketing Highlights | 2016

As medical practices finalize 2016 marketing budgets, a key question is how should dollars be spent to drive cost-effective patient referrals. Based on trending data from MM&M/Ogilvy CommonHealth Healthcare Marketers Trend Report 2014 (2015 report not out yet!),  digital channels will overtake traditional channels.  So, medical practices need to hammer out their marketing plans accordingly.  Unless traditional (radio,+

Medical Reputation Management Remove Bad Online Reviews

Medical Reputation Management: Dealing with Bad Reviews

Thanks to the power of the Internet and Social Media, your potential patients are researching and educating themselves on your medical practice before they even step foot through your door. For healthcare providers, medical reputation means trust; and trust means everything when it comes to patients and physicians. Making a good first impression with potential+

front desk etiquette

Front Desk Etiquette For Your Medical Practice

We encourage our clients to use call tracking & recording to measure the performance of ad campaigns. When we report to our clients about ROI, we spend a good deal of time listening to the calls generated from ads. Your front desk team is a group of patient care professionals, but they are also part of+

google partners event Medical Marketing insights for 2015

Google Partners Event: Medical Marketing Insights for 2015

CarbonFoot Medical is proud to announce that it will be hosting its second Google Partners Event on increasing patient referrals through medical marketing for medical practices in 2015. Doctor Offices Get Smarter Using Inbound Marketing to Attract Patients Google Provides Insights to Patient-Centric Medical Marketing in 2015 The online behavior of consumers seeking health information continues+

Reputation Management For Medical Practices

5 Tips for Online Reputation Management

5 Tips for Online Reputation Management for Your Medical Practice Online reviews of physicians have increased in popularity. Many sites are now allowing patients and former patients to rate doctors in a similar way to how people rate a restaurant.  Follow these tips to ensure you are maintaining a positive reputation online! Don’t ignore reviews+

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Medical Office First Impressions: Make Them Count

There’s that wise old saying to never judge a book by its cover. But when it comes to doctor’s offices, first impressions count. There are no do-overs or second chances. You’re never going to get that first reaction back, and if it’s negative- it could lead to a lost patient or lost future referrals from+