CarbonFoot Interactive Launches CarbonFoot Medical

CarbonFoot Medical LaunchesAfter years of driving successful marketing campaigns under the CarbonFoot Interactive name, our experience has proven that there is a need for higher levels of marketing dedicated exclusively to medical practices. So with that knowledge, CarbonFoot Medical was created as a boutique medical marketing agency.

CarbonFoot Medical exists to meet the needs of doctors and healthcare professionals as a subsidiary of the parent CarbonFoot Interactive. We have taken the same performance-based strategy and metric-centered reporting that made CarbonFoot Interactive so effective and applied those strategies for medical practice marketing, along with refining those strategies to meet the unique needs of healthcare professionals. By working nationwide, Digital Strategist Greg Zola found a need for true search engine marketing (SEM) for the medical space, including search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search advertising (PPC).

“Our focus is tracking and MINIMIZING your CPR (Cost per Patient Referral). We’re focused in the metrics that are often elusive for determining which part of your advertising and marketing efforts are working– and which are not.”
– Greg Zola, SEM Director/Digital Strategist

Our mission is to drive patients to your practice so you, as a doctor, can focus on what you do best– treating patients. We understand how busy you are and what you want from your marketing. Ultimately, you want your marketing dollars to grow referrals to grow your practice.

We launch, manage and optimize online and offline marketing efforts that impact the business performance for our clients through a wide range of marketing initiatives across different medical regions and specialties. Our metrics-centric dashboard reporting allows you to see your marketing programs’ performance and the impact to your bottom line.

In short, we know what works. We PARTNER with you– and complement your existing marketing efforts by increasing your online exposure. Our goal is to drive patient referrals, track performance, improve, and repeat the process over and over to deliver a continuous improvement on your marketing spend.

In this digital world of online reviews, blogs, and Google searches, your online presence is incredibly important to improving your marketing spend. Research has proven that 89% of consumers turn to the internet for reassurance before making a medical decision (CONE Research).

You need to ask yourself this critical question: what do patients see when they search you?

Both prospective patients and current patients are searching for you online, writing reviews, and checking out your website. Will they be impressed by what they see?

If your website is outdated, your ads are stale, and you’re not showing up on the first page of the search engine- then it’s time to make a change. Put your best foot forward. Talk with a CarbonFoot Medical marketing consultant today.

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