Front Desk Etiquette For Your Medical Practice

front desk etiquette

We encourage our clients to use call tracking & recording to measure the performance of ad campaigns. When we report to our clients about ROI, we spend a good deal of time listening to the calls generated from ads. Your front desk team is a group of patient care professionals, but they are also part of your sales team. They need to know how to convert a lead into a patient.

We can get the potential patient to call, but only your front desk team can get them to your practice door. So here are some best practices to keep your patients coming back.

1. Identify Yourself

Always begin with mentioning the practice’s name and your name.

2. Don’t Turn Anyone Away

Do they not have the greatest insurance? Are they wavering? Convince them to come in for a consultation with one of your doctors. They may not be telling you the whole story.

3. Personalization

Try to repeat the potential clients name a few times throughout the conversation.

4. Have a Language Cheat Sheet

Not Bilingual? Do you get a majority of non-English speaking potential patients? Have a list of common words and phrases hanging on your front desk in easy view. Practice them with your team. Some suggestions are:

English: Hello, thank you for calling.

Spanish: Hola, Gracias por su llamada.

English: I’m sorry, my Spanish is not good. However, we do have someone on staff who speaks Spanish.

Spanish: Perdón, pero mi español no es bueno. Pero nosotros tenemos trabajadores que hablan español.

English: Would you please repeat your name? Would you please repeat your phone number? Is that your home, work or mobile number? What is your email address?

Spanish: Me puede repetir su nombre? Por favor me puede repetir su numero de telefono? Por favor este es su numero de casa, trabajo o celular? Cual es su correo electrónico?

English: May I get your name and phone number so that someone who is more fluent in Spanish can get back to you?

Spanish: Por favor  deja tu nombre y numero de telefono y una persona que habla español te puede devolver la llamada?

English: What day of the week and time is good for you to schedule a visit?

Spanish: Que dia a la semana y hora es bueno para hacer una cita?

English: Thank you for calling. We will be back in touch with you.

Spanish: Gracias por su llamada. Nosotros te devolveremos tu llamada la mas pronto posible.

5. Be pleasant!

This may seem obvious, but when a staff member gives off a poor attitude to potential patients on the phone, it makes your whole practice look bad and most likely you will also lose that potential patient. Everyone has bad days, but treat every call like a new patient– no matter how many questions they ask.

Wrap Up on Front Desk Etiquette

Call tracking is crucial for growing your practice. By analyzing calls made to your practice you can measure the success of advertising campaigns and improve front desk patient bookings.

Check out Digital Marketing Specialist, Laura O’Reilly discussing Front Desk Etiquette for Medical Practices:

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