Email Marketing for Doctors

email marketing for doctors

Medical Email Marketing for the Busy Practice

Are you reaching your prospective patient’s inbox?

Carbonfoot Medical offers a comprehensive and simple medical email marketing solution for doctors. We use the latest email marketing software and practices so you can go back to doing what you do best — treating patients.

Grow Your Practice with Email Marketing

People habitually check their email multiple times throughout the day, making it the most used online tool today. Medical practices have a huge opportunity to use email to connect with current and potential patients to foster deeper online relationships.

Email marketing can help your practice in numerous ways:

  • Send target messages to different segments of your patient base.
  • Use an automated email series to welcome new patients to your practice and provide essential information.
  • Reach out to new patients by delivering relevant customized content.
  • Send automated informational and reminder emails to patients who have registered for an event sponsored by your practice.
  • Communicate with current and past patients to keep them informed about new staff and service additions to your practice.


Effective Email Marketing

CarbonFoot Medical connects medical practices to their potential and current patient base by managing all aspects of the practice’s email campaigns. Our services include:

  • Designing email templates
  • Strategizing and creating content
  • Sending personalized messages to different segments of your audience
  • Smartphone and tablet-friendly designs
  • Improved performance with testing emails

Harness the full power of an automated email series to work for your practice. Contact us today to boost your email marketing capabilities.

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