Medical Video Production

Why Medical Video Production Works for Your Practice

β€œOne minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.”

Dr. James L. McQuivey of Forrester Research

Imagine a viewer absorbing 1.8 million words about your practice in one short minute β€” that’s the value of online video marketing. It conveys your brand quickly and efficiently because, instead of reading words on a page, viewers are seeing your face, hearing your voice, viewing your office space. People are more likely to engage with video than with just words, so they stay on your website for a longer amount of time.

Video brings you and your practice to life for current and prospective patients alike. Creating a compelling and engaging video not only brings energy to your site, but builds trust between you and your patients and can play a key role in patient conversion.

For current patients, a video is a connection that offers support and information; for prospective patients, a video can be the deciding factor when choosing a practice.

Medical Video SEO

Not only do videos drive patient conversion, but they also boost your website higher in search engine rankings. Quality videos are crucial to SEO practices because fresh content means more people will see your site β€” and more visitors to your site leads to more patient referrals.

CarbonFoot Medical offers the following medical video production services:

  • Philosophy of Practice
  • Patient Testimonial
  • Description of Medical Procedure
  • Promotional


A high-quality, professional video starring your practice is easy and achievable with CarbonFoot Medical. Our comprehensive video marketing strategy includes developing a video that benefits your practice.

Our production team includes a director, sound engineer and videographer who plan and execute video shoots at your office and provide comprehensive post-production editing services using the latest software to produce quality video content for your website.

Start the conversation by developing a video strategy that’s customized for your practice. CarbonFoot Medical is here to help.

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