Pinterest for Medical Practices: 10 Tips for Search Engine Optimization

Pinterest For Medical PracticesPinterest for Medical Practices: 10 Tips for Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing is growing for businesses, and especially medical practices. Pinterest is a great way to visually connect with your patients and relate to them through the lifestyle of your medical practice.  Check out these ten tips that will help lower your cost per referral (CPR) and grow your practice.

1. Choose An Optimized Company Username

Using a straightforward name that relates to your medical practice allows the account to be easily understood.  The username is bold at the top of the account page, and the first thing visitors see on your page. Therefore, make sure it is interesting and relates directly to yourmedical practice’s services.

Pinterest for Medical Practices

2. Optimize Your Account’s “About” Section

The “about” sections offers 200 characters for users to give a brief description of their account.  This section should be brief, yet specific.  This should offer an overview of your medical practice, its offerings and the website URL.

Pinterest for Doctors

3. Include Links Back To Your Website

All pins should include a reference link back to the medical practice’s website.  If your medical practice is re-pinning from somewhere else, the description should be edited and a website URL should be inserted.  This will allow other Pinterest account users to view your services in a convenient and efficient way.  Pins usually have to be clicked on for users to reach the content they want from it, so having the URL in the description allows easy access to the content they are looking for.

4. Differentiate Your Pinboard

Although Pinterest gives some basic guidelines for creating boards, a medical practice must differentiate itself in order to be noticed.  It is important to break away from default names to reach a more clarified audience. The board names should be very clear and relate directly to each pin under that specific board.  Board names should also align closely with specific medical services and specialty search terms.

Pinterest for Dentists & Fertility Clinics

5. Speak Your Customer’s Language

It is important in your description, boards, and pins that the terms relate directly to your target audience.  Your medical practice must be aware of patient population you’re trying to reach and what appeals to them.  Try not to stick to full promotion and advertising, but rather a comfortable atmosphere that relates to the lifestyle of your clients.  Know your prospective patients demographics and their terminology, interests and possible search criteria.

6. Use Your Pin Descriptions Wisely

In descriptions, you are allowed 500 characters to describe each pin, which allows a large amount of space to get the attention of your target audience.  Be sure to add links and also terms that your followers and other users can easily relate to.  The description should be unique yet comprehensible, and this will assist in advancing  your medial SEO.

7. Make Sure Images Have Descriptive Names

Pinterest is mainly a visual platform, which makes images extremely impactful on your followers.  If your medical practice uploads a picture, and the description is not edited, you will end up with something like “image111”.  The description should relate directly to the image and be easily searched.  If you are pinning images from your medical practice’s website, add a URL that leads them to where the image came from.  Taller images are more likely to be pinned than wider images, so use that to your medical practice’s advantage.

8. Incorporate Hashtags

Hashtags are used in almost all social media sites, not just Twitter.  Hashtags can allow your pins to be more easily searched.  Hashtags can also help your company organize their pins in a more effective way.

Social Media Marketing for Doctors

9. Leverage the Long Tail

Although pins and descriptions should be specific, your medical practice should also identify their pins through niche, long-term categories to be found by their target audience.  For example, a medical marketing agency may describe their pins under categories such as technology, science, health or education.  Using the long-tail terms and categories that your clients may pin around can help in reaching them efficiently.  For example, terms such as medical marketing for doctors, fertility clinic marketing, or marketing for dental practice all exemplify long-tail search terms.

10. Capitalize on Relevant Search Terms and Images

The majority of Pinterest users are female, so pertaining your content to a female audience may help your company in increasing its SEO.  Using trends and events that females can relate to will help build traffic and awareness around your medical practice and its services.

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