Medical Marketing Case Study | A Fertility Clinic Success Story


Medical Practice Goal/Situation

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMACT) approached CarbonFoot looking for a comprehensive solution to compliment their internal marketing team’s effort to excel in the competitive field of fertility treatment. RMACT is a fertility practice in Connecticut and New York with 5 locations and 5 physicians. Our goal was to hyper-locally market their medical services to achieve: 1) An increase in new patient referrals and 2) A reduction in Cost per Patient Referral (CPR).


What We Did

CarbonFoot Medical provided a full suite of medical marketing services. Medical SEM (including paid search advertising and search engine optimization), social media outreach and updated website design. The foundation of all of these initiatives was built on a solid, competitively researched keyword strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Overall strategic direction on specific keyword utilization enhanced RMACT’s website rankings on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Additionally, on a daily basis we leverage search engine data to optimize all newly generated online content. From our initial engagement with this fertility center, organic traffic to their site grew by over 500%.


Paid Search

Establishing baseline performance for existing advertising campaigns is the launchpad for CarbonFoot to build improved results . A detailed 4-month advertising pilot campaign was launched across hundreds of websites and networks with closely tracked return-on-investment (ROI). Optimizations were implemented during and subsequent to the pilot campaigns, and budget resources were reallocated towards the largest referring and most cost-effective medical advertising channels to significantly reduce CPR.

Social Media Management & Medical Website Design

Several websites and social media properties were either refreshed or relaunched. Our social media team works in tandem with RMACT’s to optimize and monetize their many social media properties.

RMACT Website Screenshot

CarbonFoot Impact:

Finding the Sweet Spot in Patient Acquisition Marketing Channels

Testing marketing programs is key to successful patient referral growth. Before abandoning a marketing program as ineffective, we fine-tuned several campaigns and uncovered real ‘gems’ of low cost patient referrals. Metrics/web analytics and call tracking were critical. Our work resulted in real cost-effective growth in referrals leveraging new and existing advertising channels. Among some campaigns, in addition to patient referral growth, came a tenfold reduction in average cost per patient referral.

“It’s all about testing different medical advertising channels, ad designs, and ad copy to find what works and motivates potential patients.” – Greg Zola, Medical Marketing Strategist

With continuous monitoring of advertising initiatives we were able to significantly improve the practice’s return on investment.

Social Media Fan Base Explodes

Social on average provided many new leads per month and our collaborative work increased the practices’ social reach to over 23,000 Likes on combined Facebook pages.

Our customized medical marketing programs combined paid search advertising, social media outreach, and medical website design and development to dramatically increase patient leads.

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