Three Trends in Facebook Advertising For Medical Practices

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Is your medical practice staying on top of the latest Facebook advertising trends? Facebook and technology is constantly evolving and this directly affects how medical practices advertise to patients. If your practice is not staying up to date on the latest advertising trends, you’re most likely losing out on potential new patients. We have three trends in Facebook advertising that your medical practice needs to be aware of for 2015.

Embedded Video – Facebook Video Is On The Rise

Facebook’s new support for video is a important trend for 2015. Since Facebook introduced the option to embed videos in posts, the number of people viewing these videos has increased by 50%. Medical practices like yours are driving awareness and referrals with Facebook video ads.

A recent report on Facebook brand videos by SocialBakers a social media analytics firm, revealed that more content creators on Facebook are using embedded Facebook videos on their pages rather than YouTube videos as we roll into 2015.  20,000 Facebook pages belonging to brands, media outlets, celebrities and entertainment companies were evaluated to determine how content marketers are implementing video content on the social media site. Read more about the report findings here.


Go Mobile – Facebook Users Love Their Phones

Another trend for the upcoming year is to go mobile, more people browse Facebook on their phones than desktop. With smart phones and tablets becoming cheaper and more sophisticated, more and more users are incorporating mobile web usage into their daily lives, whether its to read the news, communicate on social media, watch videos, or use apps. So If your ads are being seen and clicked on by mobile viewers, it’s crucial that your site needs to be mobile responsive as well to accommodate this rapidly growing technology.

Post Have Less Organic Reach – It’s Harder Than Ever Before To Reach Your Fans

Due to recent changes to Facebook’s news feed algorithm, organic reach has been significantly  throttled,  meaning less people are seeing your page’s posts. Originally organic reach for posts was around 16% prior to this update, but now only 1-2% of your fans are actually seeing your content in their news feeds. For example, if you’re a medical practice with 3000 likes, your content will only be seen by a view dozen customers. The reason for this is because Facebook is looking for new ways to generate revenue. By throttling organic reach of fan pages, this forces business owners to pay for promoted posts, which reach a much greater amount of users compared to organic.

Facebook Advertising Takeaways For Medical Practices

For Medical practices that are dependent on acquiring new patient leads routinely, It’s crucial to keep up with the latest advertising trends in digital marketing. Neglecting or ignoring these trends in our web-centric world today could result in your practice  leaving great patient leads out in the cold or worse, they could be acquired by competitors in your field!

Check out Social Media Specialist, Evan Watson discussing Facebook Advertising Trends:

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