Three Trends in Medical Marketing to Watch in 2016

3 Medical Marketing Trends To Watch in 2016

Three Trends in Medical Marketing to Watch in 2016

Your medical marketing campaigns bring new patients through the door, but you’re always seeking to expand your online reach. Here are three medical marketing trends for 2016 to keep an eye on and work into your existing campaigns.

More Social Media Advertising

Social Advertising

Social media users are sharing everything from the latest recipes to their medical concerns, with 64 percent of adults using social networking sites, according to Pew Internet. Many practices use Facebook and Twitter for medical marketing, but there are opportunities aside from those two giants that can be used as well. Instagram, for example, has 400 million users who share photos with each other. This visual content-heavy social media site gives you an opportunity to connect with potential patients. Share photos of your practice, medical equipment improving quality of care and community service events to set your practice apart from others.

Video Marketing

video marketing

Video marketing is another visual content-heavy trend for 2016. Videos are engaging, catch your prospective patients’ attention and help you convey information faster than text or photos alone. Videos also help your lead generation and conversion rates, with MarketingProfs reporting 70 percent of marketers find videos the best converting medium. You can host videos on your own website to explain procedures, provide helpful information for patients and talk about the benefits of coming to your practice. You can also put videos on social media and YouTube to expand your audience reach. Video production doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, as even a smartphone-filmed video can work for your healthcare marketing.

Mobile Optimization


Over 11 percent of Internet users only connect through mobile devices, according to ComScore. Between these users and the extensive smartphone and tablet use throughout the population, mobile-friendly marketing experiences are important for reaching out to these prospective patients. Also, a recent change to Google’s search engine ranking algorithm emphasized mobile friendly sites, so mobile optimization is good for your search engine optimization efforts as well.

Mobile optimization goes beyond having a website that’s capable of being access through mobile phones. An optimized marketing experience looks at what your mobile users’ highest priorities are and creates a customized experience from those needs. For example, your mobile audience may need quick information about the insurance you accept, your practice hours and its location. They need this information quickly, so presenting mobile users with resource and data-heavy content such as videos makes for a subpar mobile marketing experience.

You have many options for expanding your physician marketing in 2016, and researching them will help decide what’s best for your practice. If you need help working your way through these trends, contact CarbonFoot Medical to schedule a complimentary consultation to discover your medical marketing options.

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