How To Use A Medical Landing Page To Generate More Patients

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medical-landing-pageBuild A Better Landing Page For Your Medical Practice Website

98% of website visitors never come back!

That is a lot of lost website traffic! Getting someone to stay on one webpage for longer than a few seconds has become increasingly difficult over time. It is important that your medical practice website includes landing pages, which grab the viewer’s attention and keep them there long enough to convert them to potential patients.

By creating highly optimized landing pages, you will create a seamless conversion path that will directly impact your lead generation and the bottom line of your medical practice.

At CarbonFoot Medical, we have been studying and perfecting the landing page conversion process, and we are here to show you how to produce pages that will help grow your medical practice. We will show you how to pay attention to small details that could make a big impact on your conversion rates.

Crafting a Headline

Creating a clear, compelling headline establishes the purpose of the medical landing page. A visitor to your page only has a few seconds to visually interpret its purpose and value.

A concise, bold headline will help to quickly establish the medical landing page’s authority and credibility and will prevent visitors from immediately bouncing.

Think Like an SEO Wizard

The title of your medical landing page’s offer, often the first thing a visitor sees, should be simple, short and include important keywords. Because the headline will be the main text on the page, search engines will be inspecting it for search relevance.

Use a form

One of the most important features to optimize on your medical landing page is your form. Your  medical landing page should almost always include a form — otherwise you are giving away free content without learning anything about your website visitor. Do not let all that content creation work go to waste! Putting a form on your medical landing page is also one of the best ways to generate valuable leads for your medical practice. Without it, your conversion path is broken and you cannot follow up and nurture those who are interested in your Medical Practice.

Be Actionable!

With such a short amount of time to grab the visitor’s attention, put action words in the headline that further establish the function of the page. One way to accomplish this is by offering content on the medical landing page, and preceding your headline with language such as “Download Now” or “Free Guide”.

Use Media

Creating compelling images or videos for your page can help to grab a visitor’s attention and decrease the chance that they will bounce. The use of a GIF in your header has been shown to increase conversion rates up to 50%, well above the typical 10%-20%. Including offer-specific images may help convert up to 20% more leads.

Be Responsible. Be Responsive.

Many potential patients are visiting your medical landing pages by searching with their mobile devices, 46% of internet searchers use mobile devices exclusively as their primary research tool. 

Remove the Navigation

Once you have the attention of your visitor, the last thing you would want is to lose them to another page without converting them to a lead. It is important to eliminate all distractions on the medical landing page, including your website’s normal top navigation bar. Typically, when you create a new landing page and link it to your website, you would see the same navigation at the top that you would see if you visited the homepage of your main website. However, by eliminating that top navigation, your conversion rates will increase because the visitor focuses on the medical landing page without distraction.

Check out our Medical Website Design projects in our Case Studies selection. If you’d like to learn more about how to optimize your medical practice’s website, contact one of Medical Marketing specialists today.